Forgings in stock and made to order

«Mashinostroitelniy Tekhnologicheskiy Tsentr» — LLC «Mashteсhсentеr» is a multi-profile enterprise that has wide capabilities for the production of metallurgical products, machine-building products and providing a full range of related services for quality control and machining of finished products, such as steel forgings, construction forgings, square forgings, cast iron forgings, non-ferrous metal forgings and others, made to order.

The company uses a closed cycle of machine building production, starting from liquid metal smelting to assembly of finished mechanical products.

This cycle includes full-fledged metallurgical and machine-building production:

The production facilities used include:

  • steelmaking
  • forging and pressing
  • centrifugal and shaped casting
  • welding and assembly
  • mechanical assembly
  • mechanical assembly

and auxiliary production allow for the full cycle of production: from receiving of the terms of reference to delivery of the finished product to the customer.

This cycle allows for offering the best possible price of manufacturing of products, as well as provides quality control of products at each stage.

You can find detailed information about our products and production facilities in the relevant sections of our website.

Why should you order forgings from us?

We have recruited only highly qualified employees who have been working with metal for many years, and this provides customers with a number of advantages:

  1. Extensive experience in the field, which guarantees high quality.
  2. Only high-precision equipment is used and most of works are automated, which helps to reduce the cost of services and make them available.
  3. We are ready to make any product in accordance with the order, including even the most complex tasks.

Therefore, turning to us, you can be sure of the quality of the work performed and of the affordability of prices.

If you need turning, then the best solution is to call Mashteсhсentеr by phone: +7 (3412) 24-10-35

Our customers
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Pipe manufacturers try to overcome the trend of Gazprom to purchase large-diameter pipes (LDP) from a single supplier, which is increasingly becoming Zagorskiy Pipe Plant (ZTZ). The issue was discussed in the Ministry of Industry and Trade; as a result, Gazprom was offered to implement an algorithm for competitive procurement of LDP based on the standard developed by the Ministry and the FAS. The standard assumes a radical change of mechanism: lots for a maximum of 160 thousand tons

Shipments of Brazilian slabs sharply increased the American steel imports in October

According to the American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI), with reference to preliminary data from the US Customs Service, in October 2018, national steel imports amounted to 2.96 million tons

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Pavel Livinskiy took part in the first Russian-Chinese Energy Business Forum inaugurated in Beijing. The head of «Rosseti» spoke at section «Electric Power and Coal Industry» held with the participation of financial and IT organizations.