Metal turning is a complex process that requires a skilled approach, and if you need services of this kind, we suggest turning to «Mashteсhсentеr».

Metal processing has long been introduced in the human life, and today there are many ways and techniques for this process.

Our company offers services for turning products of different levels of complexity ranging from individual to serial and mass-produced parts. At that, high-precision equipment is used that guarantees the high quality of products.

What is metal turning?

The essence of this process is to produce metal products, and in particular to remove the excess layer for the required shape and size. Using this method, also textural processing is performed, namely threading, roughing, and etc.
The process is quite time-consuming, and therefore it requires the skilled approach, as well as the use of equipment with high accuracy.
Our production site has high-quality NC machines, and this allows to perform turning operations of any complexity in a short time. At the same time, we guarantee the high quality of works performed and their accuracy.

What types of turning operations do we perform?

Our specialists provide a full range of turning production services, including:

1. Surface treatment, in particular: cylindrical, end, conical and shaped parts.
2. Surface cutting or thread rolling on parts.
3. Grooving.
4. Reducing blanks by length, width, height, or diameter as needed.
5. Hole processing, which is performed using drilling, expansion, boring, and countersinking technologies.

Our employees have extensive experience in this field, and therefore, they are ready to perform any processes related to turning efficiently and quickly. At the same time, work is carried out with products with a diameter of up to 180 centimeters and a length of up to 9 meters, while the weight of products can reach 40 tons.

In addition, it is possible to divide several types of work, depending on their significance, namely:

1. Rough work, when it is required to reduce the product, remove the extra layer, make holes or cut threads, for making a blank and its further processing.
2. Finishing works, implying an exact fit for the necessary dimensions and shapes of products, as well as all holes, cavities, and etc.
3. Fine surface treatment, which includes roughening, stamping, branding, making small cuts, as well as clear fit of texture of small parts.

It is worth noting that professional metal product processing must not only provide accurate parameters that would meet the requirements of the terms of reference, but increase the desired strength, roughness to the product, and these characteristics will affect the further use of the part.

Why choose us?

We have recruited only highly qualified employees who have been working with metal for many years, and this provides customers with a number of advantages:

  1. Extensive experience in the field, which guarantees high quality.
  2. Only high-precision equipment is used and most of works are automated, which helps to reduce the cost of services and make them available.
  3. We are ready to make any product in accordance with the order, including even the most complex tasks.

Therefore, turning to us, you can be sure of the quality of the work performed and of the affordability of prices. If you need turning, then the best solution is to call Mashteсhсentеr by phone