Steel foundings are one of the main products of the company.

Foundings are used very often in mechanical engineering. These are frames of machine tools, gearboxes, gears, pump housings, and constructive or decorative products.
For the production of foundings, a special mold is used — mold pattern (pattern)
The weight of founding produced at the enterprise is from 5 kg to 20 tons.

Steel foundings can be manufactured in a complex configuration and when used in the finished product, they require minimal mechanical processing (turning or milling).

Part founding in a modern foundry is a high-tech and environmentally friendly process.

It is not difficult to buy foundings today. To do this, you need a drawing in normal form or in 3D format.

The volume of steel founding at the enterprise is about 50 tons per month that is 70% of the company’s capacity. The company is ready for acceptance of both serial and one-time orders for the manufacture of foundings.

Metal founding at the enterprise is made by specialists of high qualification. Chemical, physical, and mechanical properties of foundings are tested with modern laboratory equipment.

The number of foundings manufactured per shift can reach up to 1,000 pieces or more.

Founding with a single design in the presence of a ready-made mold pattern and completed molding takes no more than 1 working day.

Manufacture of foundings is a fairly energy-intensive process, but the use of induction heating technology allows for reducing costs for electricity, and consequently it is possible to reduce the cost of founding for buyers.

After founding, the blanks are wheel or sand blasted.

You can order a founding weighing up to 20 tons by phone 8(3412)24-10-35 or by e-mail to the Chief Metallurgist’s Department.

After the calculation by the metallurgists, the request gets to the pattern calculation; then the request is considered by the process managers.

The calculation of founding manufacture takes from 1 to 5 working days.

The drawing shall be readable in order to work it through. The drawing shall indicate the weight of the founding.

You shall also specify the quantity in the request.

Photos of foundings manufactured by Mashteсhcenter may be viewed in the right column using the forward and back buttons.

The company uses various methods of steel founding, such as:

  1. Sand casting.
  2. Air set pattern casting
  3. Consumable pattern casting .

For molding, the company can produce a wooden pattern or a plastic pattern. The company manufactures foundings of carbon steel 20Л, 25Л, 35Л, 40Л, 45Л as per GOST 977-88, gear wheels, half-coupling foundings, bearing housing, gear housing, pulley and flange.

Steel foundings by Mashteсhcenter

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