Steelmaking production of «MASHTEСHCENTER» LLC is presented by electric steelmaking shop and centrifugal and shaped casting shop, including two 25-ton electric arc furnaces, one 12-ton electric arc furnace, ladle furnace AKVOS-30 for extra-furnace processing and vacuuming of steel, three induction furnaces with a capacity of 10 tons and five furnaces with a capacity of 1 ton.

In the shops, the following products are cast:

  • Forging ingots weighing from 2 to 20 tons of carbon, alloy, constructional, tool, corrosion-resistant and other steels.
  • Castings of grey and wear-resistant iron and heat-resistant steel; pipes of carbon, alloy, constructional, stainless, heat-resistant and other steels.
  • Heat-resistant steels and cast iron produced by centrifugal casting.

Chemical analysis of metal is performed in the central factory laboratory that is equipped with modern equipment that allows for operational control of the chemical composition and physical and mechanical properties in the process of metal production and acceptance.

Laboratory of steelmaking production facilities of «MASHTEСHCENTER» LLC occupies a production area of 100 m2. The company has production sites for electroslag (ESR), plasma-arc (PAR) and vacuum-arc (VAR) remelting. Each site contains laboratory equipment for experiments and developing new technologies. Capacity on one shift is: ESR — 20 t/month, PAR — 15 t/month, VAR — 3 t/month.

Steelmaking technology

Electroslag, plasma and vacuum arc remelting technologies. The possibility exists for new developments, laboratory research with the delivery of experimental and industrial batches in future.


Ingots of refining VAR, PAR, ESR weighing from 5 to 1,000 kg from non-ferrous and ferrous metals with chemical analysis of domestic and foreign standards.

The possibility exists to obtain foundings and forgings. Ferro-alloys: ferrotitanium GOST 4761-91, ferromolybdenum GOST 4759-91.

Product quality

Production is licensed, products are certified. Forgings of die steels made of ESR metal meet the requirements of the Austrian company that is recognized as a leader in this area.


The price of the product is negotiated, agreed with the Contractor

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