Mashtechcenter LLC focuses on the production of foundings of steel and cast iron. The available technological capabilities allow to obtain small and medium series foundings weighing from 200 kg to 1.5 tons and single foundings weighing up to 12 tons.

We produce:

  • Body casting of cast iron СЧ 20 and СЧ 25 (GOST 1412-85) for gearboxes, pumps and other products of general machine building.
  • Body casting of wear-resistant cast iron ИЧХ28Н2 (Specification TU 0812-001-0578553-2006) for mining and ore-dressing plants
  • Casting of heat-resistant steel type 20Х25Н19С2Л, 45Х25Н35БС, Х28Н48В5Л (GOST 977-88) for the manufacture of heat-resistant equipment for thermal furnaces.
  • Single foundings from carbon steel 20Л, 25Л, 35Л, 40Л, 45Л (GOST 977-88) in the form of blanks for gears, pulleys, beams, flanges, half couplings, etc. weighing from 100 kg to 5 tons.
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