A significant part of the company’s extensive machine pool consists of numerical control machines. There are more than 500 of them.

In recent years, completely new types of machines have been purchased, that meet the modern requirements of metalworking, new technologies and NC systems. Turning pool is equipped with modern NC machines with the processing center functions. Complex-profile parts are processed on them with simultaneous drilling and milling, both along the axis of the part and off the axis, with the accuracy of 8-10 tolerance grades.

Large turning and boring equipment is being replenished modern NC machines that are equipped with additional functions:

  • Milling with the accuracy of 0.01 mm;
  • Processing of holes, profile contours in different planes, thread cutting (maximum processing diameter up to 3,500 mm).

In milling processing, vertical processing centers are used (including portal), as well as horizontal machining center.

Some machines are equipped with a programmable turntable that allows for processing of complex body parts on five sides with high concentration of technological operations with the accuracy of 0.01 mm. Complex five-axis processing by methods of power straight and contour milling, drilling, countersinking and boring on NC machines.

It is possible to process blanks with a maximum size of 1,800×2,000×1,400 mm, weighing up to 8 t, using up to 60 purchased cutting tools. For high-speed machining, processing centers are used with the accuracy of 0.005 mm. For grinding operations, grinding NC machines are used. The company introduced electric erosion processing that continues to evolve due to the purchase of new modern machines.

Technology options

Turning: Ø2,480×10,000 mm, weight up to 10 t.

Vertical turning: Ø4,000×1,650 mm, weight up to 15 t.

Milling: 3-axis — maximum dimensions 1,200×3,000×4,000 mm, weight 20 t;

5-axis — maximum dimensions 1,800×2,000×1,400 mm, weight 8 t.

Horizontal boring operations: maximum dimensions 2,200×2,900×2,900 mm, weight 64 t.

Multi-axis boring operations: maximum dimensions 1,400×1,400×2,240 mm, weight 2.5 t.

Grinding: round — Ø350×1,400 mm, weight 1 t; internal — Ø300×600 mm, weight 0.5 t; flat — maximum dimensions 1,100×1,500×4,500 mm, weight 6 t.

Gear processing: gear milling — maximum module 16 mm, maximum Ø1,250 mm;

Gear shaping — maximum module 8 mm, maximum Ø500 mm (at that, the ring width not more than 100 mm, the part height not more than 200 mm);

Chamfering — module 1 — 6 mm Ø20 — 320mm;

Gear planing for straight bevel wheels — maximum module 10 mm, maximum Ø500 mm;

Gear cutting for circular conical couples — maximum module 8 mm, maximum Ø500 mm;

Gear grinding — maximum module 12 mm, maximum Ø630 mm.

Spline processing: spline milling — maximum Ø250 mm (over the toolplate), maximum Ø500 mm (over the guides), maximum module 3 mm, cutting length 1,000 mm;

Spline grinding — maximum Ø125 mm (processing), maximum Ø320 mm (detail), maximum processing length 850 mm, maximum length of detail 1,000 mm.

Planing: maximum dimensions 900×1,000×3,200 mm, weight 1.5 t

Broaching: maximum Ø600, maximum length 1,200 mm (with the length of the tool (broach bit) 400-1,365 mm.

Electroerosion processing: complex-shaped hole and cavity cutting and boring.

Automatic part measurement: rotation bodies (optical measuring system) Ø52 x 300 mm, weight up to 4 kg;

Body parts (contact portal measuring machine) 700 x 1,000 x 700, weight up to 40 kg.