Forgings are manufactured as per GOST 8479-70, 25054-81, technical specifications (TU) and other standards.

All supplied metallurgical products are provided with quality certificates or forging certificates in the prescribed form

Forgings and forging ingots are manufactured of steel grades:

  • Carbon constructional steel 20, 35, 40, 45, 50, 60;
  • Corrosion resistant and stainless steel 20Х13, 30Х13, 40Х13, 08Х18Н10Т, 12Х18Н10Т, 10Х17Н13М2Т;
  • Alloy constructional steel 20Х, 40Х, 40ХН, 50ХН, 38ХГН, 35ХМ, 30ХГС, 35ХГСА, 40ХМФА, 38ХГМ, 25ХГТ, 20Х2НЧА, 25Х1МФ, 40ХН2МА, 38ХН3МФА, 38Х2Н2МА, 34ХН1М, 34ХН1МА, 34ХН3М, 34ХН3МА, 34ХНМ, 10ХН3А;
  • Alloyed tool steel 5ХНМ, ХВГ, 55ХН2Ф, 4Х5МФС;
  • Alloyed heat-resistant steel 12Х1МФ, 15Х1М1Ф, 24ХМ1Ф, 25Х1МФ, 38ХМ, 15ХМ, 15Х5М;
  • Alloyed spring steel and steel for welding 09Г2С, 17ГС, 10Г2, 65Г;
  • Alloyed steel for rolls (hot and cold rolled) 50, 75ХМ, 75ХМФ, 60ХСМФ, 60ХН, 90ХФ, 9Х2МФ, 9ХС.
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