Aluminum casting by «MASHTEСHCENTER»

«MASHTEСHCENTER» offers high-quality aluminum casting. The molds we use make it possible to cast parts of any complexity, so the work that we do is able to satisfy the most demanding customer. In general, aluminum casting is a rather complex and time-consuming process that consists of many stages (drafting a drawing, making a mold pattern, molding, mold casting, mold de-coring, fettling, dressing-off, milling, etc.).

Drafting of a cast product drawing, manufacture of a mold pattern and molding

After the customer has come to a final decision on a product it wants to see, our designers and artists start working on the drawing. The next stage will be the production of a casting mold: it can be either disposable or  reusable.

Mold filling

After the mold is ready, filling can be started. At first, the metal is melted in a melting furnace. It is worth noting that in any artistic casting, whether it is cast from steel, aluminum or copper, metals in their pure form are used very rarely. Most commonly, compounds in certain proportions of magnesium, zinc, lead, aluminum, tin, and copper are used. This gives color to the finished product.

Final work: knock-out, grinding, assembly of foundings

After filling, the finished product is knocked out of the mold. But this is not the end of aluminum casting. There is still a number of stages, such as cutting of foundings, dressing-off, milling, grinding, and minting, polishing, and assembling, if necessary.

Using the services of our masters — no matter what it will be: iron, aluminum, steel casting — you will be surprised with high quality of products. After all, we work for you and thanks to you.

All our products are certified.