Foundings of bronze and brass.

  • Bronze bushings
  • brass bushings

The basis of our products is made up of bronze bushings, bronze bushings, bearing bushings, sliding bushings, spherical washers, thrust bearings and other elements of friction parts of mechanisms, used in various industries.

Road and rail transport:

  1. Inserts of various types of motor-axial bearings for traction locomotives of railway transport.
  2. Bronze bushings for heavy-duty vehicles.

Hydropower industry: :

  1. Bronze bushings of impellers for various types of hydraulic turbines.
  2. Brass bushings for servomotors.

Mining industry:

  1. Bronze bushings for mining excavators EKG5, EKG8.
  2. Washers for mining excavators EKG5, EKG8, EKG10.
  3. Bronze inserts for mining excavators EKG5, EKG8.
  4. Spherical washers for mining excavators EKG5, EKG8.
  5. Bronze bushings for crushers KSD1200 (set of bronze bushings: cylindrical, conical, thrust bearing, front and rear bushings).
  6. Inserts for crushers SMD-117, SMD-118.
  7. Brass bushings for crushers.

Processing sectors of heavy industry:

  1. Main cylinder bushings for horizontal and vertical hydraulic presses.
  2. Bushings for forging and stamping equipment of various types.
  3. Inserts for various rolling mills.
  4. Worm wheel rings of various types.

Bronze bushings

This is not the only type of bushings produced by our company. We produce inserts, washers and bushings not only from bronze, but also brass bushings.

According to your request, it is possible to manufacture parts of various non-ferrous alloys.

Additional services

Manufacture of parts according to drawings, sketches or samples of the customer from various materials:

  • Bronze,
  • Brass,
  • Cast iron

We have experience in manufacturing spare parts for imported equipment. Areas of application of bronze parts.

Along with other methods of metallurgical processes, centrifugal casting, namely centrifugal casting of bronze, has found a huge application in many branches of industry.

First of all, bronze parts are used as consumables for reducing the friction force in working units and mechanisms, which allows for extending the service life of the equipment itself.

Areas of application of bronze parts:

  • Friction bearings operating under high specific pressures;
  • Anti-friction parts, bearing inserts, friction parts, friction assemblies of fittings, high-load parts of screw drives, lock and spindle nuts, worm gear rings;
  • Pumps working in sea water;
  • Anti-friction parts;
  • Parts working in fresh water, liquid fuel, and steam at high temperatures;
  • Parts for the chemical and food industry, as well as parts working at high temperatures, and many other things…

Application of bronze products in the metallurgical industry:

For enterprises of the processing industry, including for metallurgical plants and associations that use pressing and punching equipment, «MASHTEСHCENTER» produces bushings for hydraulic presses, forging machines of various types, inserts for universal spindles for rolling mills and many other things that are required for the smooth operation of the main equipment.

Application of bronze products in the mining industry As a special concession to the wishes of customers, «MASHTEСHCENTER» has mastered and continues to increase the range and assortment of products for enterprises of the mining industry. Bronze conical bushings for various types of crushers. Various types of bronze bushings and washers for mining excavators and many more parts for the mining industry.

Bronze grades used in the manufacture of blanks by centrifugal casting. In foundry operation, our company uses the following types of bronzes:

  • Tin bronzes as per GOST 613-79
  • Tinless bronzes as per GOST 493-79

Tin foundry bronzes as per GOST 613-79   Have different mechanical properties depending on the chemical composition of the bronze itself. In agreement with the customer, our company is capable of casting bronze blanks for parts with different chemical composition and, accordingly, with various mechanical properties of bronze.

Tinless foundry bronzes as per  GOST 493-79 Also have different mechanical properties depending on the chemical composition of the bronze itself. At the request of our customers, it is possible, for example, to significantly increase the hardness of tinless bronze by introducing a number of additional chemical elements into its composition. The most popular grade of tinless bronze is БрА9Ж3Л (or БрАЖ9-4).

In the process of foundry production, specialists of our plant use for the manufacture of bronze foundings pure charge materials. This makes it possible to get bronze grades in accordance with the wishes of our customers.

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