The production of «MASTECHCENTER» LLC concentrates on the manufacture of foundings obtained by centrifugal casting, and finished products based on them for paper-making, metallurgical, machine-building, petrochemical enterprises, as well as for energy and oil and gas complex.

The available capacities allow for producing centrifugal cast pipes from carbon, alloyed, stainless, heat-resistant, heat-proof steels and alloys and cast iron with outer diameter from 73 to 1,500 mm, length up to 8,500 mm, wall thickness from 7 to 140 mm and weight up to 27 tons.

The basis of the nomenclature series is:

  • Reformer pipes for production of coils of tube furnaces for the production of ammonia, hydrogen, ethylene and carbon disulfide, as well as pipes-stalks welded from heat-resistant pipes, used in equipment of petrochemical plants;
  • Pipes for deep oil refining plants (hydrocracking, hydrotreating, catalytic cracking, and etc.);
  • Pipes for steam pipelines of various purposes (energy, oil refining, and etc.);
  • Radiant pipes (U-shaped, W-shaped, dead-end);
  • Furnace rolls and continuous-casting machine rollers;
  • Retorts of various modifications;
  • Shells of rolls that produce paper and cardboard;
  • Various types of bushings;
  • Sleeves for compressors, presses, and other equipment;
  • Blanks for crane drums.

And more than a dozen names of various technological equipment on the basis of pipe blanks in a molded form or with a mechanical processing on the outer and (or) inner surface for a variety of industrial sectors.


Centrifugal casting method

Centrifugal casting method is a method of production of metal parts for various purposes. Its distinctive feature is that filling the form with melt and its solidification occur strictly directed to the field of action of centrifugal forces. The casting metal is very dense, especially in the outer layers. The centrifugal casting method provides for high mechanical properties, additional resource of products, minimum allowances for machining and cost reduction.

Centrifugal casting

The essence of the centrifugal casting method is that in a rotating vertical or horizontal plane of the cylindrical ingot mold, internal and external shape of the founding is formed by centrifugal forces.

The method of centrifugation is used to produce shaped foundings in patterns located on a rotating faceplate. Centrifugally, the pattern is filled with the melt coming through the vertical central riser and horizontal feeders communicating with it.

Founding calculator