Press forging by «MASHTEСHCENTER» includes press-forging shop, shops for thermal and mechanical processing of forgings.

Production facilities are equipped with modern equipment, the pool of which includes:

  • presses with a tonnage of 3,150, 6,000t.
  • thermal furnaces with a capacity of 70 and 100 tons for the main types of heat treatment: annealing, air-hardening, quenching and tempering;
  • machines for processing of large blanks.

The shop specializes in the production of forgings of carbon, alloy, constructional, tool, corrosion-resistant and other steels weighing from 200 kg to 12.5 tons of various configurations in the form of:

  • smooth round and rectangular shafts,
  • round shafts with ledges and flanges,
  • rolling rings,
  • disks with or without holes,
  • cylinders with holes,
  • plates and die blocks.

Quality control of products is performed by methods of ultrasonic testing, dye penetration testing. Also testing of a full range of mechanical properties is performed.

The company’s production is certified by the register of shipping and licensed to produce products for the nuclear industry.

The quality of forgings, manufactured by «MASHTEСHCENTER» LLC conforms to the international standards, and some of the products are exported.

The possibility exists to manufacture small batches of products taking into account the individual requirements of the customer.

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