Main types of metal machining

As part of the mechanical assembly production, the following sections function:

  • Mechanical processing of large body parts
  • Mechanical processing of all types of general machine building parts;
  • Mechanical processing of gearing parts,
  • Galvanic coating;
  • Paint and varnish section.

The machine pool of production includes a wide range of universal turning and screw-cutting machines, milling, drilling, horizontal-boring, vertical-boring, planing, broaching, gear processing and grinding machines, as well as a number of special machines designed for processing of unique bodies of rotation and execution of complex special technological operations such as drilling holes in shells of the suction shafts of paper machines, deep internal boring of pipes with an outer diameter of up to 1,500 mm and a length of up to 12,000 mm, and etc.

The assembly section of the shop has the following dimensions: 120×30 m. The crane facilities of the plant are equipped with mechanisms with lifting capacity of up to 100 tons with a hook lifting height of up to 18 m.

The available equipment makes it possible to perform the following series of technological operations:

  • Metal separation cutting, including plasma and laser cutting, bending, rolling;
  • Welding of various structures and vessels of carbon and stainless steel, aluminum: manual semi-automatic, contact, automatic, butt and dot welding.
  • Turning machining, deep boring, grinding and balancing of large bodies of rotation (up to 1,800 mm in diameter with length up to 9,000 mm, weight up to 40 tons);
  • Mechanical processing of large-sized body parts with dimensions up to 10,000 mm x 2,000 mm x 1,000 mm and weight up to 10 tons, as well as mechanical processing of all types of general machine-building parts;
  • Assembly and welding of metal structures with dimensions of 5.0×4.5×12 m and weight up to 30 tons;
  • Production of gears, processing of gear parts. Gear processing is possible for straight-tooth, skew and V-gears with a diameter of up to 320 mm, worm, screw and spiroid gears, gear racks, sprockets for chain gears of all types.
  • Shaft gumming (shaft diameter up to 1,000 mm, barrel length up to 8,000 mm, weight up to 10 t, acid-base medium pH 3 to 10) for completing paper- and cardboard-making machines, and other equipment operating at speeds up to 45 m/min and with linear pressure up to 65 kp/cm;
  • Heat treatment;
  • Plating and paint coating. Chrome plating, galvanizing, phosphatizing, oxidation, electrolytic polishing, chemical brightening.

Metal machining parameters

Maximum part diameter, mmMaximum part length, mmMaximum part weight, kg
2 00014 00030 000


Max machining diameter (mm)Maximum height of the processed part, mmToolplate stroke, mm Maximum part weight, kg
8 0004 2002 00050 000

Boring and turning machining

Transverse movement of rack on the frame, mmMandrel vertical movement, mmSpindle stroke, mm Maximum part weight, kg
12 0004 0001 80050 000

Boring processing

Part length, mmPart width, mmPart height, mm Maximum part weight, kg
12 0002 5004 20060 000
Maximum part diameter, mmaximum processed module, mm Maximum part weight, kg
5 000not limited30 000

Gear cutting, gear shaping

Part length, mm Maximum part width, mmMaximum part height, mm Maximum part weight, kg
8 0002 5001 50030 000

Planing works

Maximum part outer diameter, mm Part length, mm Maximum part weight, kg
8006 00010 000


Processed hole diameter, mm Part length, mm Maximum part outer diameter, mm
100 – 450500800

Internal surface grinding

Maximum processing length, mm Maximum part width, mm Maximum part height, mm Maximum part weight, kg
4 0001 2001 0008 000

Surface grinding

It is possible to manufacture parts of high complexity and accuracy (five-axis processing).

The specifics of the company — exclusivity, singularity of production. There is almost no mass production at the plant. All products are manufactured either according to the customer’s drawings or according to the drawings, developed by the designers of «MASHTEСHСENTЕR» LLC. Closed cycle of production — from the production of own casting and forgings to the assembly of finished mechanical products — and the available universal machine pool allow the company to be mobile to adapt to the production of new products and dynamically develop the supply of products for a variety of industries including unique parts and assemblies.

To date, «MASHTEСHСENTЕR» LLC produces units, assemblies, metal structures for pulp and paper, oil and gas, machine-building enterprises, in close cooperation with major Russian engineering companies, actively participates in the projects for modernization of metallurgical plants.