Foundry shop uses the following alloys

Foundry shop of «MASHTEСHСENTЕR» uses various metal alloys based on aluminum, copper and steel. Thanks to this, it can produce products for a wide range of industries.

Cast iron

  • Grey iron as per GOST 1412-85: СЧ10, СЧ15, СЧ20, СЧ25, СЧ30, СЧ35 — cost of foundings from 72 rub/kg, VAT included;
  • High-strength cast iron as per GOST 7293-85: ВЧ40, ВЧ45, ВЧ50, ВЧ60  — cost of foundings from 120 rub/kg, VAT included;
  • Alloyed cast iron with special properties as per GOST 7769-82: ЧХ1, ЧХ16, ЧХ16М2
  • Cost of foundings from 170 rub/kg, VAT included, ЧХ28Н2, ЧХ28 — Cost of foundings from 310 rub/kg, VAT included, ЧХ32 — cost of foundings from 340 rub/kg, VAT included. ЧС5 (ЖЧС-5.5) — cost of foundings from 110 rub/kg, VAT included, ЧС5Ш, and others;
  • Anti-friction cast iron as per GOST 1585-85: АЧС-1, АЧС-3, АЧС-5 — cost of foundings from 132 rub/kg, VAT included.


  • Carbon steel: 15Л, 20Л, 25Л, 35Л, 45Л, 55Л — cost of foundings from 92 rub/kg, VAT included;
  • Low-alloy steel: 20ГЛ, 45ГЛ, 40ХЛ, 70ХЛ, 20ГСЛ from 94 rub/kg, VAT included, 30ХМЛ, 35ХГСЛ — cost of foundings from 108 rub/kg, VAT included. 30ХНМЛ – Cost of foundings from 132 rub/kg, VAT included, 14ХГ2НМЛ —Cost of foundings from 126 rub/kg, VAT included, 30ХМФЛ. Cost of foundings from 130 rub/kg, VAT included. 15Х1М1ФЛ – Cost of foundings from 160 rub/kg, VAT included, 08ГДНФЛ —Cost of foundings from 210 rub/kg, VAT included, 30Х3С3ГМЛ — cost of foundings from 310 rub/kg, VAT included;
  • Alloy steel: 20Х13Л – cost of foundings from 210 rub/kg, VAT included. 12Х17Л – cost of foundings from 230 rub/kg, VAT included;
  • Heat-resistant steel: 40Х24Н12СЛ – cost of foundings from 350 rub/kg, VAT included. 12Х18Н9ТЛ, 35Х23Н7СЛ – cost of foundings from 290 rub/kg, VAT included. 20Х25Н19С2Л – Cost of foundings from 490 rub/kg, VAT included, 35Х18Н24С2Л  — Cost of foundings from 590 rub/kg, VAT included, 12Х18Н12М3ТЛ — cost of foundings from 570 rub/kg, VAT included, and so on;
  • Wear-resistant steel: 110Г18Л, 110Г13Х2Л, 110Г13ХБРЛ, 110Г13ФТЛ, 110Г13Л – cost of foundings from 113 /kg, VAT included.

Aluminum alloys

  • Aluminum alloy on the aluminum-silicon-magnesium system: АК7, АК12, АК7ч(АЛ9), АК9ч, and others;
  • Aluminum alloy on the aluminum-silicon-copper system: AK5M, AK6M2, and others;
  • Aluminum alloy on the aluminum-copper system: АМ5(АЛ5) , and others;
  • Aluminum alloy on the aluminum-magnesium system: АМг6л(АЛ23), АМг7(АЛ29), and others;

The cost of foundings from aluminum alloys in cold hardening mixtures — from 620 rub/kg, VAT included

Copper alloys

  • Copper alloys: М1, М2, Бр.А9Ж3Л, ЛА67-2,5 , БР.05Ц5С5, Бр.010Ф1, and others — cost of foundings from 580 rub/kg, VAT included.

The centrifugal casting shop is equipped with a set of equipment for production of blanks by the centrifugal method, and includes: unique centrifugal casting machines TsLM-1M, TsLM-2, TsLM-4, TsLM-4M (modernized machines by «Pose-Mare»), two machines TsLM-6; five induction furnaces IST-1, equipment for heat treatment and dressing of casting.

The applied technology of centrifugal casting allows to get a number of advantages that are often unattainable with other casting methods:

  • due to the special crystal lattice of the centrifugal casting, high wear resistance of the product is provided;
  • centrifugal foundings are intensively purified from nonmetallic inclusions;
  • the possibility exists to manufacture individual foundings taking into account the individual requirements of the customer for chemical composition and mechanical properties without additional costs for creating special tools.

The existing pool of mills allows to produce centrifugally cast blanks with outer diameter from 63 to 1,500 mm, length up to 8,500 mm, wall thickness from 7 to 140 mm and weight up to 27 tons. Technological equipment of the enterprise also allows for mechanical processing of products, hot-press fits, static and dynamic balancing, assembly, welding, and gumming of shafts.

The company specializes in the manufacture of centrifugal cast pipes and products based on them made of carbon, alloyed, heat-resistant, heat-proof steels and alloys and cast iron for papermaking, metallurgical, machine-building, petrochemical enterprises, and for the energy and oil and gas industry.

The main representatives of the brand assortment

08Х18Н10Т, 12Х18Н10Т, 08Х13Н3М1Л, 10Х12НДЛ, 15Г2ХФ4Л ,

20Л-35Л, 09Г2С,15ГС, 15Х1М1Ф, 25Х1М1Ф,

20Х25Н19С2Л, 20Х20Н14С2Л, Сч 20, Сч 25 и др.

If necessary, it is possible to use steels and alloys with a chemical composition, according to the customer’s technical requirements.

In the process of quality control of products, pneumatic and hydro tests, x-ray inspection, welds dye penetration test and other methods at the request of the customer are used.

Shaped casting

Shaped casting shop of «MASHTEСHСENTЕR» specializes in the production of foundings from steel and cast iron.

The shop consists of three induction furnaces with a capacity of 10 tons each, molding and filling line for conveyor casting of foundings weighing from 200 to 450 kg; section of large shaped cast iron and steel casting of foundings weighing up to 20 tons and metallurgical equipment, pattern section for production of wooden pattern kits.

The available technological capabilities allow to obtain conveyor casting of small and medium series weighing from 200 kg to 1.5 tons and single foundings weighing up to 12 tons.

The company produces:

  • Body casting of cast iron  СЧ 20 and СЧ 25 (GOST 1412-85);
  • Body casting of wear-resistant cast iron ИЧХ28Н2 (Specification TU 0812-001-0578553-2006);
  • Casting of heat-resistant steels and alloys of type 20Х25Н19С2Л, Х28Н48В5Л (GOST 977-88);
  • Single foundings of carbon steel type 20L, 25L, 35L, 40L, 45L.
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