It is not difficult to buy forgings today. How to choose forging right. There is nothing complicated in this.

To get a competent offer for supply of forgings, you should specify several important points:

  1. Grade of forging steel (5ХНМ, ШХ15СГ, 40Х, 34ХН1М, 40ХН2МА, 12Х18Н10Т, etc.)
  2. Group as per GOST 8479-70 II, III, IV, V
  3. Forging finish dimensions or readable drawing
  4. Number of forgings. It is the quantity that determines the formation of melt by steel grade
  5. Whether ultrasonic testing as per GOST 24507-80 is required. As well as the UT group. (2n-4n)

After receiving the request, you will be offered a metal available that just might suit you.

If the necessary forging is not available, the company’s process managers and economists will calculate the cost of forging for manufacture.

The advantage of manufacturing forgings to order is the minimum allowances as close as possible to the configuration of forgings, which in turn ensures minimal labor costs for further mechanical processing.

Forgings delivery time:

starts from 1 day if the forging is available and all that is left to do is to cut off, for example, from some shaft.

  • 10 days — if you need to reforge from rolled stock or forgings.
  • 25-30 days — full-cycle manufacture of forgings as per GOST 8479-70 gr. IIB
  • 30-45 days — manufacture of forgings group IV with pre-machining and achieving КП 315 (KP 315) as an example.

Ultrasonic testing (UT) takes no more than one day on a pre-treated forging.

When shipped, forgings are accompanied by a quality certificate  signed and stamped by a representative of the QC Department (Quality Control Department).

Forgings calculator