For more than 5 years, «Mashteсhcenter» LLC has been providing heat treatment services for machine-building, oil and gas companies of the Volga region and other Russian regions. Against severe competition in the heat treatment market, the company for this period has established itself as a reliable, stable working partner.

«Mashteсhcenter» LLC is certified for compliance with GOST ISO 9001-2011 (ISO 9001:2008), which allows us to guarantee the production of parts at the level of quality of the defense complex and confirm our work with the company’s quality certificate.

The production facilities of «Mashteсhcenter» LLC are equipped with productive equipment with use of modern technologies and with qualified personnel. The range of services provided is represented by all the main types of heat treatment of steel and non-ferrous alloys. Extensive experience in heat treatment of machine parts, tools for specified mechanical properties. We make an instant determination of the chemical composition of steel from which the part is made. We are able to implement 100 % quality control for hardness.

«Mashteсhcenter» LLC offers the following types of heat treatment of steel:

  • chemical and thermal treatment with a layer of 0.01 mm.
  • cementation, nitrocementation with a specified carbon potential
  • nitriding with a specified nitrogen potential
  • heating for quenching in a protective atmosphere
  • отжиг
  • tempering in a protective atmosphere
  • metal blasting
  • улучшение
  • металлоструйную очистку
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