Pipe manufacturers try to overcome the trend of Gazprom to purchase large-diameter pipes (LDP) from a single supplier, which is increasingly becoming Zagorskiy Pipe Plant (ZTZ). The issue was discussed in the Ministry of Industry and Trade; as a result, Gazprom was offered to implement an algorithm for competitive procurement of LDP based on the standard developed by the Ministry and the FAS. The standard assumes a radical change of mechanism — lots for a maximum of 160 thousand tons, order distribution between the three best offers and no more than 10 thousand tons per year from the manufacturer on the terms of a single supplier.

Since the end of 2017, the company has been strictly reviewing contract and tender prices to the downside (by 25-30 per cent). As a result, contracts with the price formula are not valid, and tenders for large volumes of LDP in 2018 were postponed or declared invalid, and then for these volumes, contracts were concluded on the terms of purchase from a single supplier.

Thus, in November, ZTZ received a record-breaking contract for 500 thousand tons for 41.2 billion rubles, TMK — contract for 255 thousand tons for 21.45 billion rubles. At the end of 2017, ZTZ, on the terms of a single supplier, received a three-year contract from Gazprom for 250 thousand tons of LDP per year.

The capacity of Russian pipe manufacturers for LDP is more than three times higher than the demand on the market in recent years — 6 million tons against 1.8 million tons. At the same time, 58 per cent of LDP purchases are accounted for by Gazprom, while another 14 per cent — by Transneft.

Now Gazprom is guided by internal regulations on procurements. But at the end of the meeting, the FAS was ordered to send the company the algorithm of organization of competitive procedures in procurement. It will be based on the LDP procurement standard developed by the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the FAS in 2017. It is suggested that purchases from a single supplier will not be allowed unless there is no alternative or accident damage control, but in any case will not exceed 10 thousand tons per year from a single supplier. Lot size for long-term contracts (more than three months) should not exceed 160 thousand tons, and the price formula should be included in the contracts. It is also suggested to give 60 per cent of the lot to a company with the best offer, 25 per cent — to that being second, 15 per cent — to that being third.

Source:   Kommersant